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BBQ Beef Ribs

Geesh, Cheap Bastid waited until after Labor Day to write about a fantastic dish tailor made for late summer grilling and feasting—BBQ Ribs. Well, better late than never. And, at least in our little slice of SoCal, the grocery stores … Continue reading

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Shredded Beef Barbecue Sandwiches

Every once in a while I forget that some of the easy, routine things I do with food should be posted here on “Cheap Bastid Cooks”.  So here’s something incredibly easy, cheap and tasty. Stater Brothers had a special recently … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Pancakes

OK, everybody who likes pancakes raise your hand!  Well, I see lots of hands out there because just about everyone loves pancakes.  Golden brown, puffy, tender and tasty slathered in butter and syrup.  Sound good to you?  Yeah, me too. … Continue reading

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Tuna Salad

It would get absolutely hot and muggy in Tampa, FL when I was a kid.  And it was several years before we had any kind of air conditioning.  And I remember my favorite hot summer dinner that Mom would make–Tuna … Continue reading

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Before I sat down to write this today, I pulled up a You Tube video of Hank Williams and his original version of “Jambalaya”.  You know, the one that starts out: “Goodbye Joe, we gotta go oh, me, oh my-o…Son … Continue reading

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